DT 27858  – DT 27862

DT 27858

Promised to go into a union (9) = AFFIANCED

Cryptic Definition. 

Favourite clue:

These describe Met lines as Boris found out (7) = ISOBARS

DT 27859

Last in and favourite clue because I like the word:

Put a stop to hoax? Endless nonsense (6) = KIBOSH

hoax = KID, endless = deletion, nonsense = BOSH

Found out = anagram (of as Boris), Met = Met Office not The Met Police!
AFFIANCED = betrothed

DT 27860

A couple of favourites with bearing and manner:

Impressive carriage in attendance (8) = PRESENCE

Double definition.

Glutton guzzling remainder, finishing off plate standing (8) = PRESTIGE 

Glutton = PIG, guzzling = containment, remainder = REST, finishing off plate = E

DT 27861

Some tricky definitions:

Fan with no time for act (8) = SIMULATE

fan = STIMULATE, no time = delete T

Dessert in diet unusually generous (13) = DISINTERESTED 

unusually = anagram (of dessert in diet) 

DT 27862

Reprimand baddie (one no good) (6) = RATING 

baddie = RAT, one = I, no good = NG

AFFIANCED = betrothed
RATING = reprimand

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