Times 26,143

Took ages on and off with this but enjoyed clues like:

Ordinary fellow Welshman who’s name-dropped older citizen? (3,4) = JOE SOAP

Welshman = JONES, name-dropped = delete N, older citizen = OAP

Port is without additives, from what we hear (5) = IZMIR

from what we hear = homophone, without additives = IS MERE h. IZMIR

Japanese writing three consecutive letters in return enclosing article (5) = KANJI

three consecutive letters = IJK, in return = reversal, article = AN

Girl not available after losing it? (5) = IRENA

not available = NA ( N/A), losing it = IRE

An old dramatist, I love touring singles clubs (7) = IONESCO

I = I, love = O, singles = ONES, clubs = C

KANJI = Japanese writing

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