DT 27852 – DT 27856

DT 27852

Growing row over speaker? (9) = MOUSTACHE

Cryptic definition.

Private eye puts query in novel to a male (7,5) = ENQUIRY AGENT

novel = anagram (of query in) a = A, male = GENT

Last in:

Transference of money (8) = CURRENCY

Double definition.

DT 27853

A couple of interesting anagram types today:

Sudden inspiration in bar potentially? (10) = BRAINSTORM

Reverse anagram, brain storm = IN BAR

Food from Orient slightly altered (4) = EATS

Orient = EAST, slightly altered = anagram Does slightly rescue this from being an indirect anagram? I can’t moan too much as I got it and didn’t get held up for long.

DT 27854

After struggling yesterday and wondering if 2802 had robbed my ability to do cryptics I nearly broke the record today – an enjoyable solve though.

Zones where football supporters are put in coolers? (3,5) = FAN BELTS

Cryptic/Double definition.

Origin of Hamlet found amongst lost papers, possibly (7) = PERHAPS

Words usually used as indicators as definition and answer in this clue. Origin of Hamlet = H, lost = anagram (of papers)

DT 27855

Spring fruits (6) = RESULT

Double definition. Both definitions are a bit of a stretch, but I got there in the end.

Keep detailed new free supplement (3,3) = EKE OUT

detailed = delete last letter, new = anagram (of kee), free = OUT

I think I might have mentioned before that I dislike detailed as a deletion indicator. Not a big fan of sweetheart for E while I’m on the subject.

DT 27856

Storyteller‘s introduction to mystery as worker swallows poison (10) = MAUPASSANT

introduction to mystery = M, as = As, worker = ANT, poison = UPAS

Composer wandering in alien parts (10) = PALESTRINA

wandering = anagram (of alien parts)

Affirms what may be said of subjects (10) = PREDICATES

Double definition.

Loose? Yes and no (4) = FAST

Double Definition. Fast and loose, stuck fast.

ENQUIRY AGENT = private eye
UPAS = poison; Javanese tree with sap used as poison; mythical tree that poisoned  all around it.
PREDICATE = Affirm; subject: in grammar word(s) in a sentence by which something is said about the subject.

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