DT 27833

I’m sure this place turned up in one of the website weekly prize cryptics but I can’t find it:

Drink’s dark apparently in industrial place (4,8) = PORT SUNLIGHT

drink = PORT, s = S, dark apparently = UNLIGHT

I long to take in new kind of music (5) = INDIE

I = I, long = (to) DIE (for)? new = N

I thought this might be eight as in an unfortunate rowing team but Big Dave has eight = 8 (8 down) which is far more likely but I just didn’t notice:

Pieces of eight? Start to find a great deal in the morning (7) = FLOTSAM

start to find = F, a great deal = LOT, in the morning = AM

Debris of riotous rag week round about (8) = WRECKAGE

riotous = anagram (of rag week), round = containment, about = C

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