DT 27828 – 27832

DT 27828

What most men have to do in a quiet way (5) = SHAVE

quiet = SH (not P, 5 letters what most men have is Private Eye territory), way = AVE

DT 27829

Just the building for a house-hunter? (5,4) = BINGO HALL

Cryptic definition.

Furry creature, small in every detail (5) = STOAT

small = S, in every detail = TO A T

DT 27830

Answer question on fire raging in water-bearing rock! (7) = AQUIFER

answer = A, raging = anagram (of fire)

Lures offenders welcoming pressure (8) = SPINNERS

offenders = SINNERS, pressure = P

DT 27831

Unhappy women did contentedly oppose desire before lunchtime (9) = WOEBEGONE 

women = W, discontentedly = delete all but first and lat letters, discontentedly oppose = SE, desire = BEG, lunchtime = ONE

DT 27832

Dog about to get spirited? Fat cats may enjoy that! (10) = PLUTOCRACY 

Dog = PLUTO, about = C, spirited? = RACY

AQUIFER = water-bearing rock
SPINNER = lure; artificial fly that spins in the water

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