DT 27822 – DT 26825

DT 27822

Collect petition (6) = PRAYER

Double definition.

DT 27823

Mechanisms in clocks have briefly to divide short periods of time (9) = MOVEMENTS

have briefly = VE, short periods of time = MOMENTS

DT 27824

Paddled furiously once a day (6) = CANOED

a = a, day = d, furiously = anagram (of once a d)

What makes some Catalonians grasping? (5) = TALON

Hidden word &Lit?

DT 27825

Not quite in Private Eye’s league but getting there:

Crack opening round side of pants (5) = SPLIT

opening = SLIT, side of pants = P

Strange France initially overturned monarchy (7) = FOREIGN

France = F, initially overturned = O, monarchy = REIGN

Seeing that rehearsal missing one of the stars (6) = ASTRAL

seeing that = AS, rehearsal = TRIAL, missing one = delete I

DT 27826

Hour of prayer for nobody (4) = NONE

Double definition. Hours of Prayer Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline.

Treat person in trouble, offering a lift (11) = PATERNOSTER

in trouble = anagram (of treat person)

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