Times 26115

Done on the floor with my feet up as they’re very anagram fodder for the delightfully mad sounding Derbyshire custom.

Discontented like Casca with his rent? (7) = ENVIOUS

Got this from the definition and checking letters. Servilius Casca one of Ceasar’s assassins is called “envious Casca” by Mark Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “See what a rent the envious Casca made”.

Bluish-green vein, the last for inoculation (5) = LODEN

vein = LODE, last for inoculation = N

The Derbyshire custom to treat red swellings (4,8) = WELL DRESSING 

The only anagram I could come up with, looked it up and behold, there it was in the BRB! to treat = anagram (of red swellings) 

Release heretic relative (9) =CATHARSIS 

heretic = CATHAR, relative = SIS

Hunter’s guide, remarkably rakish one (7) = SHIKARI

remarkably = anagram (of rakish) one = I

Favourite clue:

How to warm this woman up? (7) = HEATHER

Cryptic definition, split 4,3

LODEN = Thick waterproof woollen fabric; bluish green colour in which the cloth is often made

WELL DRESSING = The festal decoration of wells and springs, as in Derbyshire on Ascension Day, etc

CATHAR = heretic; A member of a medieval Manichaean sect, chiefly in S France and N Italy, the Albigensians

SHIKARI = Hunter’s guide (Anglo-Indian)

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