DT 27780 – DT 27784

DT 27780

Last in:

Small containers which eliminate waste (6) = SEWERS

small = S, containers = EWERS

It’s not often my favourite clue is anagram:

Put in a drink, it could knock Argonauts out (9) = ANGOSTURA

out = anagram (of Argonauts)

DT 27781

Fancy picking up package of goods before lecture? (9) = ELABORATE

picking up = reverse in down clue, package of goods = BALE, lecture = ORATE

Favourite clue:

It could be about to go on vessel (5) = CARGO

All in one clue, about = C, vessel = ARGO

DT  27782

Favourite clue:

Oh dear, It’s a matriarchy! (9) = DAMNATION

Double definition if split 3,6

DT 27783

Favourite clue:

One fat fly starts off smartly (6) = NEATLY

starts off = remove first letters

DT 27784

Rudest yawn’s nastily given as unhelpful response (5,6) = DUSTY ANSWER

nastily = anagram (of rudest yawns)

DUSTY ANSWER = unhelpful response; unsatisfying, unfruitful or sordid response


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