DT 27774 – DT 27778

DT 27774

First time for ages I’ve done a Monday quickly in one go. Last in :

Courtesy, a quality of the townsman? (8) = URBANITY

Cryptic definition.

She plays with electricity switch (7) = ACTRESS

electricity = AC, switch = TRESS

They admit they don’t have to pay the rent (6) = OWNERS

Double definition.

DT 27775

favourite clue:

Peacekeeping outfit seen in strip (7) = UNDRESS

Double definition if split 2,5

DT 27776

Germany? First to accept cosch’s seizure ordered by court (9) = DISTRAINT

Germany = D, first = IST, coach = TRAIN

Favourite clue:

Swimmer‘s nervous anticipation returned when help arrived initially (7) = NARWHAL

initially = first letters of

DT 27777

Breaks in rugby strips which is damaged outside (7) = IRRUPTS

rugby = RU, damaged = anagram (of strips), outside = containment

DT 27778

Better teams possibly in Germany? Not a lot (8) = GAMESTER

possibly = anagram (of team), a lot = MANY, Germany not a lot = GER

Outside a capital city study a type of ornamentation (9) = CAPARISON

outside = contain ment, a = A, capital city = PARIS, study = CON

SWITCH = tress (of hair) usually false
IRRUPTS = breaks
GAMESTER = better; gambler
CAPARISON = ornamentation;
DISTRAINT = seizure ordered by court

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