DT 27756 – DT 27760

DT 27756

Like yesterday I couldn’t get a start, but once in finished within time. 

Call up a woman, a case for approval (5) = EVOKE

a woman = EVE, a case for = containment, approval = OK

DT 27757

Made a right pig’s ear of this one, but got there in the end. No new words.

DT 27758

That’s more like it, done well within time and a new word.

Unusual item’s last to go for a court in the Vatican (5) = CURIA

unusual item = CURIO, last to go = O, last to go for a = replace A with O

Last in:

How the man at the back speaks? (7) = STERNLY

Cryptic definition.

DT 27759

What John Peel might have called house record previously (5-2) = TALLY HO

Ye Ken, house = HO, record = TALLY

Quality cup of tea? (4) = THING 

Double definition. Usually my cup of tea or my thing, but initially got it from the first definition and checking letters.

Love line in continuous suite (9) = FOLLOWING 

love = O, line = L, continuous = FLOWING

DT 27760

Drug supplied by naughty lad outside work (1-4) = L-DOPA

 naughty = anagram (of lad), outside = containment, work = OP

Tot caught hugging a tree (5) = SUMAC

tot = SUM, hugging = containment, a = A

Last 3 three clues took as long as the rest combined and rested on 14D to which I had HORSE YARD then HORSE SALE before setttling on the correct:

Dispose of a shire right here! (5,4) = HORSE FAIR

Cryptic definition.

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