DT 27750 – DT 27754

DT 27750

Special bed you can make low (10) = DESPICABLE 

you can make = anagram (of special bed)

DT 27751

Colour of object surrounded by seaweed (8) = LAVENDER 

object = END, seaweed = LAVER

DT 27752

Inadequate payment for bread once with no end of aggro (8) = PITTANCE

bread = PITTA, once = ONCE, end of aggro = O, no = delete 

DT 27753

Part of mug‘s tin and enamel cracked (9) = LINEAMENT

cracked = anagram (of tin enamel)

Last in and favourite clue:

Surrounded by stress including short time (7) = AMONGST

stress = ANGST, short time = MO

DT 27754

This person’s qualification to teach is put down (5) = IMBED

this person (I’m) = IM, qualification to teach (BEd) = BED

Last part of serenade we hear uttered in beastly fashion (7) = NEIGHED

we hear = homophone, last part of serenade = nade h. NEIGHED 

Nice soil’s found loose in certain rocky areas (9) = ISOCLINES

loose = anagram (of nice soils)

One got by Stephen? Maybe the one that killed him? (5) = STONE

? = example of, Stephen? = ST, one = ONE 

Engineers with computer technology meeting hospital broadcasting boss (5) = REITH

engineers = RE, computer technology = IT, hospital = H

LINEAMENT = part of mug; feature; distinguishing mark esp. of the face

ISOCLINES = certain rocky areas

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