DT 27744 – DT 27748

DT 27744

Boat train being derailed (10) = BRIGANTINE

derailed = anagram (of boat train)

Guess what the poet Donne was by profession (6) = DIVINE

Double definition.

DT 27745

Great disguise of the definition in this one, I couldn’t get past “to grind up”:

I’m coming over to grind up sticks (7) = MIGRATE

coming over = reverse, I’m coming over = MI, to grind = GRATE

DT 27746

Bitterness enlisted soldier voiced (7) = RANCOUR

voiced = homophone, enlisted soldier = RANK OR h. RANCOUR

DT 27747

Definitely a record for a Thursday 18m! Favourite clueand last in:

Present favourably mum’s stuffing ingredient? (7) = MASSAGE

mum’s = MAS, stuffing ingredient = SAGE

DT 27748

Fox? Has got into hospital — bother! (6) = TALBOT

Hidden word. William Henry Fox Talbot a Victorian photography pioneer. Chambers also has TALBOT = breed of broad-mouthed large eared hound, now extinct.

Soldiers of Mons once coming to premature end, terribly (3-4) = NON-COMS

premature end = deletion, terribly = anagram (of Mons onc)

The infernal world has possession of rejects (7) = DISOWNS

The infernal world = DIS, has possession of = OWNS

TALBOT = breed of broad-mouthed large eared hound, now extinct
NON-COMS = soliers; Non commissioned officers
DIS = The infernal world; a name for the god Pluto

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