DT 27737

Good-looking girl fit to seduce the Italian with scanty clothing (10) = DISHABILLE

Good-looking girl = DISH, fit = ABLE, seduce = containment (‘take in’?)

Some Christians surreally portrayed by artist in rain (12) = TRINITARIANS

surreally = anagram (of artist in rain)

Bill the schoolmaster (4) = BEAK

Double definition. I knew it as slang for a judge or magistrate but Chambers has it for schoolmaster as well.

Farmer has accident under blade of plough (12) SHARECROPPER

accident = CROPPER, blade of plough = SHARE

Sudden gust in full pelt round lake (6) = FLURRY

Couldn’t work this out at first, had full pelt = FLY or pelt = FUR with lake = L, but I think it’s full pelt = FURRY

TRINITARIANS = some Christians
DISHABILLE = scanty clothing;
BEAK = schoolmaster (old slang)
SHARE = blade of plough

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