DT 27738 – DT 27742

DT 27738

In time, beat up relative (6) = AGNATE

time = AGE, beat = TAN, up = reverse

DT 27739

Creature in rolling vessel in dangerous frenzy (7) = MUSKRAT 

rolling = reverse, vessel = ARK, dangerous frenzy = MUST

DT 27740

Favourite clue:

Steal, but lawyers win (7) = BARGAIN

lawyers = BAR, win = GAIN

DT 27741

Favourite clue:

Right killjoy covers disgusting eye-opener (9) = PRIVILEGE 

killjoy = PRIG, disgusting = VILE, eye-opener = E

Last in:

Beat America, putting first of astronauts in space (6) = HIATUS 

beat = HIT, America = US, first of astronauts = A, (putting) in = containment 

DT 27742

Biblical father in group (4) = ABBA

Double definition.

Utterance of prophet? It’s usually transparent (4) = MICA

Double Definition. Utterance = homophone, prophet = MICAH

Queen came ahead of others, leading character (4) = LEDA

came ahead of others = LED, leading character = A

In Greek mythology Leda Queen of Sparta was seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan, one of the resulting eggs producing Helen of Troy or something like that!

What a cosmetic surgeon might do to offer some kind of defence (10) = BREASTWORK

Double definition if split 6,4

AGNATE = relative

BREASTWORK = kind of defence; hastily constructed earthwork fortification 

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