DT 27719

Got really stuck in the NE corner for some reason:

Houseman, English, twice confined suspected terrorist (8) = INTERNEE

houseman = INTERN, English = E

Birds chatter about new bag (7) = GANNETS

chatter = GAS, about = containment, new = N, bag = NET

Not sure about this one, at first I thought it was some kind of all in one – leave = GOING etc.

Bell sounding? I must leave (4) = GONG

sounding? = GOING (Chambers has Adj. 1. in motion or activity), must leave = delete

Couldn’t see past “PACKET” to get among = IN for ages:

Fungus among bundle brought back (3-3) = INK-CAP

among = IN, bundle = PACK, brought back = reverse

Quite liked this double definition:

Practically everyone, contrary to expectation (3,3) = ALL BUT


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