DT 27714 – DT 27718

DT 27714

Usual pattern for a Monday, all but two or three clues go in after half an hour but rose take ages.

Reinstated after review having financial difficulties (10) = STRAITENED

review = anagram (of reinstated)

O? (4,6) = LOVE LETTER

Cryptic definition.


DT 27715

Definitely the record so far this year.

Rings about fabulous bird outside in river (7) = ORINOCO

ring = O, about = containment, fabulous bird = ROC, outside = containment


DT 27716

No new words, favourite clue:

Commercial advice from chamber — a temporary worker to get rise (6,6) = CAVEAT EMPTOR

chamber = CAVE, a = A, temporary worker = TEMP, rise = TOR


DT 27717

Spirit of honour about to end (7) = SPECTRE

honour = RESPECT, about = RE, to end = move letters to the end of the word.


DT 27718

Had both of these before but took a while to drag them from memory:

Butterfly that may make someone speaking pause (5) = COMMA

Double definition.

Loose women said to mingle with monied men (4-9) DEMI-MONDAINE

to mingle = anagram (of said monied men)


STRAITENED = having financial difficulties; distressed
ROC = fabulous bird (from Arabian legend)

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