Times 26004

Don’t often see a Saturday Times, this one was very enjoyable:

Amateur Aussie singer backed to avoid a fine (2,7) = NO PROBLEM

Amateur = NO PRO, Aussie singer = MELBA, backed = reverse, avoid a = delete A

Religious film omits an hour, but includes a minute, of certain events (7) = OLYMPIC

Religious film = HOLY PIC, omits = delete, hour = H, includes = containment, minute = M

Supporter of camping trip raises part free of tax, say (4,3) = TENT PEG

raises = reverse, part = PT, free of tax = NET, say = EG

Two elves, only one female, are impractically idealistic (4-5) = AIRY FAIRY

elf = FAIRY, female = F, only one female = delete one F

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