DT 27702 – DT2776

DT 27702

Old court official, specifically one over the Queen (5) = VIZIER

specifically = VIZ, ONE = I, the Queen = ER

Goat like figure heads a list of animals (5) = FAUNA

Goat like figure = FAUN, a = A


DT 27703

Back to a decent solving time – for me anyway. Favouite clue:

Dance enthusiast circling with energy (8) = FANDANGO

enthusiast = FAN, with = AND, energy = GO

Last in:

Bishop with book in bed (6) = BORDER

Bishop = B, book = ORDER


DT 27704

Act as bearers for shops (7) = BETRAYS

Double definition if split 2,5


DT 27705

Not often a Thursday is quicker than a Wednesday.

Tending not to move owning this property? (7) = INERTIA

All in one, property = attribute

Handle hot behind (4) = HAFT

hot = h, behind = AFT

Favourite clue:

Someone with almost mystical insight initially (4) = SWAMI

Sort of all in one? Initially = first letter of

DT 27706

Not cross for a moment (4) = TICK

Double definition.

A right troublesome goddess gets cut off (8) = ALIENATE

A = A, right = LIEN, goddess = ATE


VISIER = Old court official;
VIDELICIT (VIZ) = specifically; namely, to wit
HAFT = handle

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