DT 27690 – DT 27694

DT 27690

All the puzzles seemed to take longer than usual this week and back to doing most of the Monday puzzle in good time then getting completely stuck, this time on the last three:

Marathon perhaps? (7,6) = RUNNING BATTLE

Cryptic definition.

Sideways? (7) = BYPATHS

Cryptic definition.

Be inclined to make a charge (4) = TILT

Double definition.

And a new dog:

It normally lacks bark (7) = BASENJI

Cryptic definition


DT 27691

A fantastic thing seen in article, jazz fan’s night attire? (3,4,7) = THE CATS PYJAMAS

article = THE, jazz fan = CAT, night attire = PYJAMAS


DT 27692

Understands right to wear pants (6) = GRASPS

right = R, to wear = containment, pants = GASPS

Politically motivated CD? (10,5) = DIPLOMATIC CORPS

Cryptic definition. CD = CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE


DT 27693

Disguises guts, lifting middle (6) = BELIES

guts = BELLIES, lifting middle = delete middle letter

Refuse to leave the house? (10) DISINHERIT

Cryptic definition.


DT 27694

Indian offering love, a man of wisdom (5) = OSAGE

love = O, a man of wisdom = SAGE

Son with stomach upset was dizzy (4) = SWAM

son = S, stomach = MAW, upset = reverse

High-level plan sure to work out (8) = SUPERNAL

to work out = anagram (of plan sure)

See game with minimal runs scored (4) = SPOT

game = SPORT, minimal runs = R, scored = delete


BASENJI = A barkless dog
BYPATHS = Sideways?; secluded or indirect paths.
OSAGE = Indian; Native American tribe
MAW = stomach (of an animal)
SUPERNAL = high level; on high;

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