DT 27679 – DT 27683

DT 27679

Part of an engine — data in order (3,3) = BIG END

Thought this might be an anagram (of data in) but then I got the ‘E’, data = GEN, in = containment, order = BID


DT 27680

A bit of a cold fish, accepting she is a weak point (8,4) = ACHILLES HEEL

A = A, bit of a cold = CHILL, fish = EEL, accepting = containment, she = SHE

Favourite clue:

Germany — first to reach limit and undergo inflation (7) = DISTEND

Germany = D, first = IST, limit = END


DT 27681

What people sing for joy (4) = GLEE

Double definition.

Cross priest put up holly (4) = ILEX

cross = X, priest = ELI, put up = reversal


DT 27682

Unsurprisingly themed which I don’t normally like but this one was very enjoyable. Last in:

Contemplate special thing that’s celebrated on Christmas Eve (5,5) = WATCH NIGHT

contemplate = WATCH, special = anagram (of thing)


DT 27683

Beside mountain pass there’s a tree (4) = COLA

mountain pass = COL, a = A

Everyone in group provided with helmet (6) SALLET

everyone = ALL, group = SET

Fish expertsthey give evidence to police (4) = DABS

Triple definition


GLEE = What people sing; a form of short part-song
WATCH NIGHT = Christmas Eve
COLA = tree
SALLET = helmet

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