DT 27673 – DT 27677

DT 27673

Apart from a seriously old chestnut (dead centre = CEMETERY!) some beautifully crafted clues and done in a reasonable time:

One more convert on earth (7) = ANOTHER

convert = anagram (of on earth)

Reptile brings back one young salmon in ten (8) = TERRAPIN

brings back = reverse, one = I, young salmon = PARR, ten = TEN


DT 27674

Also done in reasonable time given the circumstances – office party last night so sub-optimal doesn’t quite cover it.

Harassment in MI6 HQ? (11) = MOLESTATION

Double definition if read 4,7


DT 27675

Weight when university’s given acceptance? (5) = OUNCE

when = ONCE, university = U, given acceptance? = containment


DT 27676

No new words.

DT 27677

No new words.


PARR = young salmon; cf SMOLT
given acceptance? = containment

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