DT 27655 – DT 27659

DT 27655

Last in was this hidden word clue:

Madrid is in her itinerary, but part can be cut off (10) = DISINHERIT


DT 27656

Old king‘s reasonable line in speech (7) = PHARAOH

in speech = homophone, reasonable = FAIR, line = ROW

Plant, iris adapts to change (10) = ASPIDISTRA

to change = anagram (of iris adapts)

DT 27657

Another use of detailed for de-tailed which I don’t particularly like:

Detailed what wages would be after deductions? (6) = DOCKED

Double definition.

Some humour, which I do:

Small stuff! Go and take a running jump (5) = SCRAM

small = S, stuff = CRAM

Last in, a neat piece of misdirection:

Collective charge applied by my Post Office (9) = CORPORATE

charge = RATE, my = COR, Post Office = PO


DT 27658

Enjoyable puzzle and a hidden word was last in again:

Why person ice-skating circles very fast? (10) = hypersonic


DT 27659

Very quick for a Friday apart from the last in:

Sort of game not to be played gently (4) = SORT

game = SPORT, not = deletion, to be played gently = P


No new words this week.

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