DT 27649 – DT 27653

DT 27649

I’m sure I’ve seen this one before but can’t find it:

Water for a mother pig (5,4) = ADAMS WATER

a = A, mother = DAM, pig = SWINE


DT 27650

Church official departs on time in car (9) = MODERATOR

departs = D, time = Era, car = MOTOR


DT 27651

No new words, favourite clue:

Sensational time in exposing oneself on the beach? (8) = STUNNING

time = T, exposing oneself on the beach = SUNNING

DT 27652

No new words. Favourite clue:

Player runs out of money and is last to bet (7) = BASSIST

runs = R, out of = deletion, money = BRASS, is = IS, last to bet = T


DT 27653

Put down at this number (8) = NINETEEN

Cryptic definition. The answer to 19D is PUT DOWN


ADAMS WINE = water
MODERATOR = church official

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