DT 27643 – DT 27647

DT 27643

Take Latin (6) = RECIPE

A bit literal – iThing Chambers app has: ORIGIN: L recipe take, imperative of recipere

Fine stuff that you can sit on in summer (4) = LAWN

Double definition.


DT 27644

The most trouble I’ve had with a Tuesday for a while.

Criminal misusing ATM loot as collector of bits and pieces (15) = NUMISMATOLOGIST

criminal = anagram (of misusing ATM loot)

Last in:

Nice gaff — wants, one with no accommodation? (3,3) = DES RES

wants = DESIRES, one = I, with no accommodation = deletion


DT 27645

Another “trickier than usual for a”. Not sure about calls = TERMS, but I suppose the “?” suggests a little latitude:

Arrangements to pay for calls? (5) =TERMS

Double definition.

Last in (The disguised definition is a bit of a chestnut but I’m not having a good week):

Act as bearer in shop? (6) = BETRAY

Double definition if split 2,4.


DT 27646

The only one I finished in about the usual time this week. Last in:

Realistic ends for partner — to play single guy (11) = PRACTICABLE

ends for partner = PR, to play = ACT, single = I, guy = CABLE

DT 27647

I didn’t get on with this one at all. I quite liked this one:

Time to engage in walk up — bad initial slope for climber (8) = FOOTHILL

time = T, engage = containment, walk = HOOF, up = reverse, bad = ILL

but couldn’t get into first principle = SEED and the like:

First principle sailor grasped — not to finish on this! (6) = SEABED

first principle = SEED, sailor = AB, grasped = containment

Fair enough, just a bad day for me I hope.

RECIPE = take (in Latin)
LAWN = Fine stuff; A sort of fine linen or cambric
NUMISMATOLOGIST = collector of bits and pieces

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