DT 27637 – DT 27641

DT 27637

Back to having trouble with Monday’s. Not that keen on outing as an anagram indicator:

Really fancy outing on a ferry (5,3) = YEARN FOR

outing = anagram (of on a ferry)

Last in:

Sit a certain way for perfect journey? (8) = BESTRIDE

Double definition if you split the answer (4,4).


DT 27638

A bit trickier than usual again. Last in:

A no-good royal? Similar (4) = AKIN

A royal = A KING, no-good = delete ‘G’


DT 27639

Meat loaf owns lease! (6) = HASLET

owns = HAS, lease = LET

Favourite clue:

Parts of cooker for fictional creatures (7) = HOBBITS

Double definition if split 3,3.


DT 27640

Pretty tricky but ok except for these last two which took ages:

Chicago, perhaps characterised by bars? (7) = MUSICAL

Double definition.

Transparent material you might see through glasses reportedly (7) PERSPEX

Through = PER, reportedly = homophone, glasses = specs h. SPEX


DT 27641

Saturn’s satellite had a form of salt TITANATE

Saturn’s satellite = TITAN, had = ATE


outing = anagram
HASLET = meat loaf
TITANATE = form of salt

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