DT 27613 – DT 27617

DT 27613

A couple of new ones to me, both from double definitions:

Goodbye depression! (5) = VALE

Where coffees are served and drunk (2,4,4) = IN ONES CUPS

DT 27614

Last in:

Italian makes gesture on the other hand = SIGNOR

gesture = SIGN, on the other hand = BLAKE


DT 27615

Last in and favourite clue:

Strange — credit is short in support of German war machine (9) = ENIGMATIC

credit = CR, short = deletion, in support = “underneath” in a down clue, German war machine = ENIGMA

Hoped to see West End cast (6) = WISHED

West End = WI (W1), cast = SHED


DT 27616

I hope this is the “tricky” puzzle for the week. Last in:

Promotion to offer before agitation (10) = PREFERMENT

to offer = definition indicator, before = PRE, agitation = FERMENT

Shakespearean character‘s staying power (6) = BOTTOM

Double definition.


DT 27617

Doomed rich man embraces trendy theologians (7) = DIVINES

doomed rich man = DIVES, embraces = containment, trendy = IN


VALE = goodbye; farewell
IN ONES CUPS = drunk
PREFERMENT = promotion
BOTTOM = staying power
DIVES = doomed rich man
DIVINES = theologians

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