DT 27607 – DT 27611

DT 27607

Drawer of Cupid’s bow? (8) = LIPSTICK

Cryptic definition.

They maybe happy playing cards (8) = FAMILIES

Cryptic definition.

DT 27608

Old German stamp (6) = FRANK

Double definition.


DT 27609

No new words.


DT 27610

One periodical with endless bare pictures (6) = IMAGES

one = I, periodical = MAG, bare = deletion (nothing inside), endless bare = ES

Runs batter over for vegetables (8) = PARSNIPS

runs = SPINS, batter = RAP, over = Reversal


DT 27611

After some almost Morse like solving times (for me) there seems to be one really troublesome puzzle each week. These two were last in and were responsible for most of the extra time:

Sound of drunken sailor in unruly incident at the controls (6) = HIJACK

sound = homophone, drunken = HIGH h. HI, sailor = JACK

Tumbler’s content ______, that’s clear! (9) = ISINGLASS

Cryptic definition, IS IN GLASS. Only got it as the answer was in recent puzzle.

A couple of words I thought I’d seen before but can’t find them on the blog:

Ten roughly accommodated in apartment? Only five here (6) = PENTAD

roughly = anagram (of ten) accommodated = containment, apartment = PAD

Style of singing that could convey noble act (3,5) = BEL CANTO


CUPIDS BOW = An archery bow in the shape of a double curve; human lips shaped (naturally or by lipstick) like this.
bare = “nothing inside”
PENTAD = Only five here
BEL CANTO = Style of singing

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