DT 27601 – DT 27605

DT 27601

Snail that goes round and round and up and down (5) = HELIX

Double definition.

DT 27602

Favourite clue – nice bit of misdirection:

Draw back tool initially with trouble — a screwdriver? (8) = COCKTAIL

draw back = COCK, tool initially = T, trouble = AIL


DT 27603

Ancient Greek land mostly gone from ocean (5) = ATTIC

mostly = deletion, land mostly = LAN, gone = deletion, ocean = ATLANTIC


DT 27604

N, evidently, for no hoper? (3-7) = NON-STARTER

Cryptic definition. N is the starting letter of non.


DT 27605

Quickly flip over the page about little man (6) = PRONTO

flip = reverse, over the page = OTP, about = containment, little man = RON


HELIX = (a genus of) snail

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