DT 27565 – DT 27569

DT 27565

A wire 200 yards in length (5) = CABLE

Double definition. Chamber’s has CABLE-LENGTH or CABLE’S-LENGTH = 1/10th of a nautical mile, 200Yds

Uncalled-for correspondence (4,6) = DEAD LETTER

Cryptic definition masquerading as a double definition. Chamber’s has it hyphenated.


DT 27566

Bit of a struggle this one. Made some stupid mistakes like trying to think of synonyms for 20 (score?) instead of an example of 20d (COURSE = ASCOT) and having WHEEL for 21d:

Turn Indian sign (5) = SPELL

Double definition.

Small, Whittington’s cat, say, turned back on stage (4) = STAGE

small = S, Whittington’s cat, say = PET


DT 27567

Success but a long stretch in prison! (3,4) = BIG TIME

Double definition.

Office problem raised with each unionist (6) = BUREAU

problem = RUB, raised = reversal, each = EA, unionist = U


DT 27568

Understood cry of sea-eagle is silent (8) = TACITURN

Understood = TACIT, cry of = homophone, sea-eagle = TERN h. TURN

‘Dandy’ encompassing the Spanish for ‘fool‘ (6) = DELUDE

dandy = DUDE, encompassing = containment, the Spanish = EL


DT 27569

Thought I’d never get a start to this but ended up quicker than yesterday.

Inventor of peg attached to plate (8) = PATENTEE

peg = TEE, plate = PATEN

Moves very gradually or stops, avoiding maximum speed! (5) = EASES

stops = CEASES, avoiding = deletion, maximum speed = C

Plant needing good financial management? (6) = THRIFT

Double definition.


CABLE = 200 yards in length
DEAD-LETTER = Uncalled-for correspondence; A letter undelivered and unclaimed at the Post Office
PATEN = A plate; A communion plate;
maximum speed = C
THRIFT = plant

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