DT 27541 – DT 27545

DT 27541

Name is right (5) = TITLE

Took ages to get this double def.

DT 27542

Ascetic restricting source of comfort in perfume (7) = ESSENCE

ascetic = ESSENE, restricting = containment, source of comfort = C


DT 27543

University that in Spain is unparalleled (6) = UNIQUE

university = UNI, that in Spain = QUE


DT 27544

Bars books? (8) = PENGUINS

double def. ppppick up a paperback

DT 27545

This took ages. A Couple of poets:

Like meadow where poet’s written about saints (6) = GRASSY

poet = GREY, saints = SS

Our country poet Kathleen in a foreign land (7) = UKRAINE

our country = UK, poet Kathleen = RAINE

Spotted the anagram but couldn’t make doctrinal!

Dogmatic director in a recasting (11) = DOCTRINAIRE

recasting = anag. (of director in a)

This one slowed me down as well:

Certainly not of the class of Eton, for instance (13) = COEDUCATIONAL

Cryptic def.

ESSENE = ascetic
DOCTRINAIRE = dogmatic

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