ST 2743

Factionalism making old weapons trendy (12) = PARTISANSHIP

old weapons = PARTISANS, trendy = HIP

Encouraging to hold copies back as parsimonious behaviour (12) = CHEESEPARING

encouraging = CHEERING, copies = APES, back = reverse

It could be the usual architectural style (5) = ORDER

double def.

Demonstrator in rain not sounding the same (6) = SHOWER

doble def.

Skill in place for orchestra with a set of musical compositions (7) = PARTITA

skill = ART, place for orchestra = PIT

PARTISAN = old weapon;
CHEESEPARING = parsimonious behaviour
ORDER = architectural style; eg Doric, Ionic (scrolls) and Corinthian (acanthus leaves etc.)
PARTITA = set of musical compositions;
HOMOGRAPH = word that has the same spelling but a different meaning
HETERONYM = homograph that sounds different
HOMONYM = words that sound the same (HOMOPHONE = HOMONYM with different spelling)

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