DT 27493 – DT 27497

She may be used to describe Biblical epistles (7) = PAULINE

double def.

Frank gets contract showing unlimited resources (4,5) = OPEN PURSE

frank = open, contract = PURSE

DT 27494

Bring up sharply key note about a US city (8) = ESCALATE

key = ESC, about = containment, a = A, US city = LA, note = TE

Not a big fan of this tower – one that tows:

Violent behaviour in tower across hotel yard (8) = THUGGERY

tower = TUGGER, hotel = H, yard = Y

DT 27495

No new words

DT 27496

Favourite clues:

Mate or sailor welcoming kinky goings-on with physical presence (6-3-6) = BRICKS AND MORTAR

mate = BRICK, or = OR, SAILOR = TAR, welcoming = containment, kinky goings-on = SANDM (S&M)

Articulate IT worker forming conclusion (4) = CODA

articulate = h. IT worker = CODER h. CODA = conclusion

Not so keen on this as I always read them the wrong way round!

Pole lacking in energy to make side (4) = TEAM

pole = S, lacking = deletion, energy = STEAM

DT 27497

Took ages.

Henry, king presumably resting old weapon (7) = HALBERD

Henry = HAL, king = R, presumably resting = in bed, king presumably resting = BERD

Writer of dramatic script needing exceptional actress in (9) = SCENARIST

exceptional = anag. (of actress in)

Writer with name on flag (6) = PENNON

writer = PEN, NAME = N, on = ON

PURSE = contract (e.g. lips)
key = ESC
tower = TUGGER
HALBERD = old weapon
SCENARIST = writer of dramatic script
PENNON = flag

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