DT 27487 – DT 27491

DT 27487

Scoffed with a guard (6) = RAILED

double def.

Relocate garment workers (5) = SHIFT

triple def!

DT 27488

Rattle around most of Pacific island in car (6) = JAGUAR

rattle = JAG, most of = deletion, Pacific island = GUAM

DT 27489

No new words.

DT 27490

Crews for ship around river (6) = STAFFS

ship = SS, river = TAFF

DT 27491

Little fellow is about to meet politician — hour for engagement (6) = SHRIMP

is = IS, about = reverse, politician = MP, hour = HR, for engagement = containment

Environment of one place miles further west (6) = MILIEU

one = I, place = LIEU, miles = M, further west = to the left (in across clue)

Mousy female‘s attire revealing thighs, we hear (6) MINNIE

we hear = h. attire revealing thighs = MINI h. MINNIE = mousy female

LIEU = place; place or stead

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