DT 27481 – DT 27485

DT 27481

Ely’s rector resorts to enlightenment for the church (10) = CLERESTORY

resorts = anag. (of elys rector)

Extremely inventive signalman (4) = VERY

double def. See VERY LIGHT

DT 27482

favourite clue:

Leave out some Merlot — I’m often coming over (4) = OMIT

some… = hidden word clue, coming over = reverse

DT 27483

Common predicament, going topless gets the go-ahead (5,5) = GREEN LIGHT

common = GREEN, predicament = PLIGHT, going topless = deletion of first letter

DT 27484

Incense found in crate with top missing (5) = ANGER

crate = BANGER, top missing = deletion (of first letter)

Cat left out in January after vacation is hazard (8) = JEOPARDY

cat = LEOPARD, left out = delete L, vacation = deletion (of all but first and last letters), January after vacation = JY

DT 27485

Distressed but unbowed, we hear? (10) = STRAITENED

we hear = h. unbowed = STRAIGHTENED h. STRAITENED = distressed

Little animal in rubbish fire destroyed (7) = ROTIFER

rubbish = ROT, destroyed = anag. (of fire)

State that sounds empty when it’s been reduced! (7) = MONTANA

reduced = abbreviation, sounds = h. empty h. MT = abb. of Montana

Bird to alight on bar (8) = LANDRAIL

to alight = LAND, bar = RAIL

CLERESTORY = enlightenment for the church; upper row of windows in the nave wall, above the roof of the aisle
common = GREEN; common land/village green
ROTIFER = small animal; wheel-animalcule;
reduced = abbreviation

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