DT 27469 – DT 2773

DT 27469

Churchman about to get plate out (7) = PRELATE

about = RE, out = outside

Is he more concerned with chapter than verse? (4) = DEAN

chapter = assembley of canons in a cathedral presided over by the Dean

A strange way to have been God’s ‘fireproof third party’? (8) = ABENDIGO

A = A, strange way = anag. (of been god)

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego saved by god from the fiery pit in Daniel.

DT 27470

Noise of hen in animal enclosure (4) = LAIR

noise of = h. hen = LAYER h. (does it?) LAIR = animal enclosure

DT 27471

Scam discovered before vessel’s collapse (4,2) = CAVE IN

discovered = delete outer letters, vessel = VEIN

DT 27472

What baker might have twisted and raised, so they say (8) = RYE BREAD

so they say = h. twisted = WRY h. RYE, raised = BRED h. BREAD

Vain characters squeeze middle of their spots (5) = NAEVI

vain characters = anag. of vain, middle of their = E

DT 27473

Game which could yield gold and amount of money, we hear? (10) = METTLESOME

we hear = h. which could yeild gold = METAL h. METTLE, amount of money = SUM h. SOME

NAEVI = spots
METTLESOME = game; spirited

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