DT 27415 – DT 27419

DT 27415

French beard and pigtail, say, put on for party (8) = BARBECUE

French beard = BARBE, say = h. pigtail = QUEUE h. CUE

Sulky demeanour (8) = CARRIAGE

double def.

Chinese official in loose jacket (8) = MANDARIN

double def.

DT 27416

Key on completion (6) = LEGEND

on = leg, completion = END

DT 27417

Mostly relaxed artists captures popular tree (9) = CASUARINA

relaxed = CASUAL, artist = RA, popular = IN


Catcalled (6) = HISSED
Oak, e.g. (4) = TREE
An agate (4) = ONYX

Finnished both before Victoria so went for the hatrick with yesterdays Toughie (1138)

Flyer’s energy starts to dwindle with increased travel (6) = GODWIT

energy = GO, starts to = first letters of

Favourite clue:

Two verses penned by ‘Old Dutch of East London’ perhaps giving trouble in Hackney (6) = BOVVER

two verses = VV, penned = containment, ‘Old Dutch of East London’ = BOER

DT 27418

No new words. Favourite clue:

Score with talk about bust exhibited by redhead (13) = ORCHESTRATION

talk = ORATION, bust = CHEST, redhead = R

DT 27419

Much trickier than usual but got there in the end. Favourite clue:

A sign of something missing? Trouble with that hat going astray (5) = CARAT

trouble = CARE, going astray = deletion, that hat going astray = T

Control where plane above IOW may be heard (8) = OVERRIDE

may be heard = h. IOW = Isle of White, plane above = OVER, RYDE h. RIDE

Dog must go to its doctor on account of horsy leap (6) = CURVET

dog = CUR, its doctor = VET

SULKY = carriage;
MANDARIN = loose jacket
GODWIT = flyer; bird
CURVET = horsy leap; dressage jump

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