DT 27391 – DT 27395

DT 27391


DT 27392

Magnificent old gold coin (5) = NOBLE

Angler at sea, about last to drop anchor (7) = GRAPNEL

at sea = anag. (of angler), last to drop = P

DT 27393

Metalone worn by mother after disheartening operations (6) = OSMIUM

worn = anag. ( of one), mother = M, disheartening = deletion, disheartening operations = OS

Suspend curate? It’s ridiculous! (9) = RUSTICATE

ridiculous = anag. (of curate its)

DT 27394

One or two for example, in between (7) = INTEGER

for example = EG, between = INTER

DT 27395

Detrimental effect this person’s found twirling around in tights (7) = MAILLOT

detrimental effect = TOLL, this person’s = I AM twirling around = reversal

NOBLE = old gold coin
GRAPNEL = anchor
RUSTICATE = suspend; to banish for a time from town or college because of wrongdoing
MAILLOT = tights;

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