DT 27385 – DT 27389

DT 27385

Close in and launch an attack (4) = RAIL

Right at the back, yet wanting the lion’s share (9) = AFTERMOST

yet = AFTER, lion’s share = MOST

It’s at the centre of revolutions in transport (4-4) = AXLE-TREE

Put out account with wrong rebate (8) = ACERBATE

account = AC, wrong = anag. (of rebate)

Ruth, after being at university, becomes bigheaded (6) = UPPITY

ruth= PITY, being at university = UP

DT 27386

No new words

DT 27387

Had nothing women need, excepting one tab (5) = OWNED

nothing = O, women = W, excepting = deletion, tab = E, need excepting one tab = NED

DT 27388

Part of book that wants reading, maybe, in bar (6) = EXCEPT

part of book = EXCERPT, wants = deletion

Lawsuit with French aristo turning to cross large street (3-2-3) = CUL-DE-SAC

lawsuit = CASE, French aristo = DUC, turning = reversal, large = L

DT 27389


YET = after
AFTERMOST = right at the back; last
AXLE-TREE = shaft across a cart or similar about which wheels rotate at each end
ACERBATE = put out; embitter or irritate
RUTH = pity
DUC = French aristo;

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