DT 27368 – DT 27371

DT 27368

German delicacy beginning to lessen in hot bar (7,4) = STOLLEN CAKE

beginning to lessen = L, hot = STOLEN, bar = CAKE

Nice word in the quick:

Dig with snout (6) = ROOTLE

DT 27369

No new words.

Check DT 26818 for CUPOLA

DT 100005

Measures of port in the Holy Land taking a long time (8) = ACREAGES

port in the Holy Land = ACRE, a long time = AGES

DT 27370

Some great clues today:

Word for down and out but not finished (12) = MONOSYLLABLE

Cryptic def.

Ended topless intimacy, caught in streak (7) = EXTINCT

topless = deltion, intimacy = SEX, caught = C, streak = TINT

DT 27371

One to crow as heretic, clan getting disturbed (11) = CHANTICLEER

disturbed = anag. (of as heretic, clan)

Financial executive given wave by politician in bed (11) = COMPTROLLER

bed = COT, wave = ROLLER, politician = MP

What critical PhD examiner may be, showing opposition (10) = ANTITHETIC

CAKE = bar
CHANTICLEER = one to crow; Rooster (from Raynard The Fox fables)
ANTITHETIC = opposition

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