DT 1106 Centenary Toughie

Took quite a bit longer than a ‘normal’ DT cryptic but made ‘do-able’ by the extra diagonal clues:

Has yen endured or withered in time with the crossword? (3,7,5) ONE HUNDRED YEARS

withered = anag. (of has yen endured or)

Guessed this one but would never have got why without the mighty Big Dave’s Crossword Blog:

10 nice views of Spooner’s zone one’s dropped repeatedly into pipe for this? (9,6) = CENTENARY PUZZLE

10 = TEN, nice views = SCENERY, TEN SCENERY of Spooner = CENTENARY, zone = Z, pipe = PULE

Perfection epitomised, looking back on 100 years of letters past (6) = OGAMIC

Perfection epitomised = IMAGO, 100 years = C

College servants opening in Yentl , an old Broadway play (5) = GYPSY

college servants = GYPS, opening in Yentl = Y

One asserting a right to eject one for calling out (7) = CLAMANT

One asserting a right = CLAIMANT, eject one = delete I

PIPE = pule; weep
PULE = pipe; wimper or whine
OGAM = letters past; Ancient Celtic/Pictish alphabet
GYP = (Cambridge) college servant
CLAMANT = calling out; calling aloud or earnestly

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