DT 27362 – DT 27366

DT 27362

Celebration drink for Pygmalion’s love (7) = GALATEA

celebration = GALA, drink = TEA

DT 27363

No new words.

DT 27364

Discovered mint with money mainly for South Americans (5) = INCANS

discovered = dis-covered = remove outer letters, money = CASH, mainly = remove last letter

DT 27365

No new words. Finished before Victoria and as Telegraph site still duff, did the quick (as included on the PDF) when the tube was held. Couple of trick definitions:

About ready? (8) = MONETARY

ready = cash (usually readies?)

Feeling blue? (10) = ATMOSPHERE

DT 27366

Worry about hospital department’s small area (7) = CENTARE

worry = CARE, hospital department = ENT


Male sheep (6) = WETHER
Pronged instrument = FORK
Nancy-, one-time MP (5) = ASTER

GALATEA = Pygmalion’s lover; Pygmalion fell in love with a statue he carved from ivory which was brought to life by Venus.
WETHER = male sheep; castrated ram

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