DT 27326 – 27330

DT 27326

State one is found in after very good neighbourly party (6) = SOCIAL

State = CAL, one = I, very good = SO

DT 27327

No new words.

DT 27328

Minister accommodating family was worried about learner’s working rule (10,3) = PARKINSONS LAW

Minister = PARSON, family = KIN, worried = anag. (of was)

Sort of treatment for green wood (3,4) = RAW DEAL

green = RAW, wood = DEAL

DT 27329

Pattern cut in card left out in place of worship (6) = TEMPLE

pattern cut in card = TEMPLATE, left out = deletion, in = AT

DT 27330

In the auditorium, unsettled by stages (6) = PHASED

In the auditorium = h. unsettled = FAZED h. PHASED = unsettled

Drug injected primarily in a poet being dissolute (6) = OPIATE

injected primarily = I, dissolute = anag (of a poet + i)

PARKINSONS LAW = working rule; “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”
DEAL = wood; soft wood
SO = very good

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