DT 27278 – DT 27281

DT 27278

Hood and sash worn in Royal Navy (5) = ROBIN

sash = OBI, Royal Navy = RN

DT 27279

Quaker poet, more humorous about husband (8) = WHITTIER

more humorous = WITTIER, husband = H

Tower in area of land ahead of soldiers (7) = TRACTOR

area of land = TRACT, soldiers = OR

DT 27280

Source of nutrient under salt lake (4) = TARN

Source of nutrient = N, salt = TAR (sailor)

DT 27281

A party in action? (8) = LITIGANT

action = legal

Stories of middle-class country folk, a delightful thing repeatedly (3,5) = AGA SAGA

a delightful thing = A GAS

DT 27282

The Cockney man spotted in the auditorium, a hairy fellow (4) = ESAU

the cockney man = (H)E, in the auditorium = h. spotted = SAW h. SAU

OBI = sash; sash worn with a kimono
TRACTOR = tower
TARN = lake;
ESAU = hairy fellow

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