DT 27218 – DT 27222

DT 27218

Not convinced by the definition in:

Spare site I developed, providing party fare (10) = PATISSERIE

developed = anag. (of spare site I)

Not heard of this alternate name for Spotted Dick:

Pudding is seen to follow after (7,3) = SPOTTED DOG

is seen = SPOTTED, follow after = DOG

Thought this was very clever:

Ride in which the first half may be a twelfth of the second (10) = ROUNDABOUT

A bout may be twelve rounds.

Favourite clue:

Work not for bread alone (4) = LOAF

DT 27219

All done in 30 mins except this which took almost the rest of the day!

Arrest by copper with appeal of reduced charge (10) = CATCHPENNY

arrest = CATCH, copper = PENNY

SPOTTED DOG = pudding; aka Spotted Dick
CATCHPENNY = with appeal of reduced charge; A worthless thing made only for profit

DT 27220

Quickest Wednesday solve ever – pre CLJ!

Penchant for separation, perhaps, in final performance (8) = SWANSONG

Separate penchant 3,4: Pen = SWAN, chant = SONG

DT 27221

Followed by a very tricky one:

Foreign article with early warning about split (6) = CLEAVE

foreign article = LE, early warning = CAVE

Impractical fancy heel before one that’s conservative (10) = IDEALISTIC

fancy = IDEAL, heel = LIST, one = I, conservative = C

Popular article on Mrs Cameron, one’s ultimate inspiration all together (2,3,4,6) = IN THE SAME BREATH

popular = IN, article = THE, Mrs Cameron = SAM, one’s ultimate = E, inspiration = BREATH

Peter out wanting run before date getting late (8) = DECEASED

Peter out = DECREASE, wanting = deletion, run = R, date = D

Key international alliance semi-liable for Asia Minor (8) = ANATOLIA

key = A, international alliance = NATO, semi-liable = LIA

French behold endless electronic material = VOILE

French behold = VOILA, endless = deletion, electronic = E

DT 27222

Daughter encountering rascal? I may act as an anchor (6) DROGUE

daughter = D, rascal = ROGUE

Theologian at home — pi mask’s blown apart! (6,1,6) = THOMAS AKEMPIS

blown apart = anag. (of at home pi masks)

SPOTTED DOG = pudding; aka Spotted Dick
CATCHPENNY = with appeal of reduced charge; A worthless thing made only for profit
DROGUE = anchor;
VOILE = material;

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