DT 27206 – DT 27210

DT 27206

Didn’t really like this one:

This nation‘s rise and fall in speech (4) = INTO

cryptic or double def? rise and fall in speech = INTONATION

DT 27207

Said of country life all but past (4) = ORAL

country life = PASTORAL, all but = deletion

Not quite certain matter involves large balance (7) = SURPLUS

not quite = deletion, certain = SURE, matter = PUS, large = L

Spare shift? (5) = STINT

Openers needing pitches offering necessary elements of support (9) = KEYSTONES

openers = KEYS, pitches = TONES

DT 27209

Disaster strikes as printer runs out of ink half way through printing. Saved when I find paper on the train but still takes ages to finnish.

What he said was right about a million being wrongly convicted (6) = FRAMED

What he said was right = FRED, a = A, million = M

Banker retiring in exotic Neath making an impressive leap (9) = ENTRECHAT

banker = CERT; retiring = reverse,exotic = anag. (of Neath)

DT 27210

New cartridge ahoy!

Stuff that slushy and fruity from British star down under? (6) = POMACE

down under = Australian, British = POM, star = ACE

Tiny stream and little river featured in short publication (8) = BROOKLET

little river = R, short publication = BOOKLET

Protective covering is missing from a finch (4) = SKIN

missing = deletion, finch = SISKIN

Musician‘s publication that is read out in Australia? = (5) = PIPER

read out = homophone publication = PAPER h.(in an Aussie accent) PIPER = musician

matter = PUS
openers = KEYS
ENTRECHAT = impressive leap; ballet jump
POMACE = Stuff that’s slushy and fruity
SISKIN = type of finch

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