DT 27198

After yesterday this was a breeze especially for a Friday.

This fellow beset by idiots and duds (7) = CLOTHES

this fellow = HE, beset by = containment, idiots = CLOTS

Beware flower, one that flows etc. This one might classify as a chestnut:

A second layer of a pale hue (5) = ASHEN

A=A, second = S, layer (of eggs) = HEN

Lethargy of monkey with nothing to eat (7) = LANGUOR

monkey = LANGUR, nothing = O, to eat = containment

Rebel Jack interrupting little women in school (7) = ACADEMY

little women = AMY, Rebel Jack = cade

Fave clue:

Jazz fan rhythmically talks up American slave (9) = SPARTACUS

jazz fan = CAT, rhythmically talks = RAPS, up = reverse in down clue, American = US

DUDS = clothes
LANGUR = monkey
JACK CADE = Rebel Jack;

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