DT 27146 – 27150

DT 27146 Not the quickest solve but didn’t get completely stuck

DT 27147

Agree to collect travel document in a port on the Danube (4,3) = NOVI SAD

agree = NOD, travel document = VISA

DT 27148

Travel around Norway wearing feature hairstyle (7) = CHIGNON

travel = GO, Norway = N, feature = CHIN

DT 27149

Oxford perhaps in need of articulation? get away! (4) = SHOO

in need of articulation = h. oxford perhaps = SHOE h. SHOO = get away!

DT 27150

End component of Cambridge college lacking in it’s Oxford counterpart (6) = FINALE

final E of Magdalene

Trace any random curve (8) = CATENARY

random = anag. (of trace any)

English lecturer’s first to go after recently instituted post (5) = NEWEL

English = E, lecturer’s first = L, recently instituted = NEW

CHIGNON = hairstyle
CATENARY = curve
NEWEL = post

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