DT 27113

Very tricky but enjoyable. Fave clue:

Writer, unknown churchman, king and playwright in taxi? (7,8) = BICYCLE RICKSHAW

writer = BIC, unknown = Y, churchman = CLERIC, king = K, playwright = SHAW

Exclamation of disgust about animal enclosure getting result (6) = HAPPEN

exclamation of disgust = PAH (cf. UGH), about = reverse, animal enclosure = PEN

In France you can claim proof of wine’s region and chateau ultimately void (7) = VACUOUS

in France you = VOUS, claim = containment, proof of wine’s region = AC (Appellation Controllee)

Beer and cocaine are what some musicians bring to the party (4,5) = BASS LINES

beer = BASS (cf BITTER, LAGER etc.), cocaine = LINES

Hide between back-to-back commercials for supplements (7) = ADDENDA

commercial = AD, back-to-back commercials = ADDA, between = containment, hide = DEN

writer = BIC
exclamation of digust = PAH
beer = BASS
proof of wine’s region = AC
cocaine = LINES
hide = DEN

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