DT 27051 – DT 27055

DT 27051

Still struggling with this one. I seem to have lost the plot with Mondays.

Update 19/12/12 Got there in the end. Slowed down by a couple of long anagrams and some brain fade.

Walton’s deceptive appearance? (6) = FACADE

DT 27052

Back to normality, finnished on the train.

A Beignet say, may be healthier, doctor finally admitted (7) = FRITTER

healthier = FITTER, doctor finally = R

A short talk by Greek Hero (4) = AJAX

A = A, short talk = JA(W), by = X (multiplied by)

DT 27053

Question and answer in front of school lines (8) = QUATRAIN

question = QU, answer = A, school = TRAIN

DT 27054 – Solved with Steven on NYD

Beast‘s outspoken answer to ‘Which wine, darling?’ (3,4) = RED DEER

ouspoken = homophone

Not in agreement about November’s bonus (8) = DIVIDEND

not in agreement = DIVIDED, November = N

Available relations taking coach for Harrow or elsewhere (6-3,6) = SINGLE SEX SCHOOL

available = SINGLE, relations = SEX, coach = SCHOOL

DT 27055

Not done as I had the flu

added 21/1/13

Ship takes fellow beyond part of the Commonwealth (8) = INDIAMAN

part of the Commonwealth = INDIA, fellow = MAN

A model hiding nothing? Such may be found in church! (4) = APSE

A = A, model = POSE, hiding nothing = delete O (usually written around O)

BEIGNET = a fritter
by = X
QUATRAIN = lines; stanza or poem of four lines.
INDIAMAN = ship; trading vessel used between GB and India

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