DT 27027 – DT27031

DT 27027 It seems Mondays are either almost record solve times or I get really stuck. this was the latter.

I suppose it’s fair enough but I didn’t like this one:

Such law presumably implies a suspended sentence (5) = LYNCH

Not heard of lynch as a ‘type’ of law, rather a type of mob or a verb.

Concerning the content of certain records (2,2) = IN RE

Steam-whistle stop? (7) = TEABREAK

I’m sure I’ve seen this construction recently but I can’t find it in the blog.

DT 27028 Back to normal – finished on the commute in.

Small number of us on island, hard to feed (7) = NOURISH

small number = N, of us = OURS, island = IS, hard = H

Puzzle over people carrier (5) = REBUS

over = RE, people carrier = BUS

Last month leading artist identified as extremist (5) = ULTRA

last month = ULT

DT 27029 Finnished on commute in.

A section of pack ice (8) = DIAMONDS

Edged outside to support amusing person warned by police (9) = CAUTIONED

edged outside = ED, amusing person = CAUTION

DT 27030

Turn out mineral to produce gemstone (10) = TOURMALINE

turn = anag. (of out mineral)

favourite clue:

An undergarment dropped in taste for farce (8) = TRAVESTY

an undergarment = A VEST, taste = TRY

DT 27031

When touring around notice various plants (8) = ACONITES

when = AS, touring round = contains, various = anag. (of notice

Very warm current swamping little river (8) = TROPICAL

current = TOPICAL, swamping = contains, little river = R

George extracted this red resin from tree (7,5)

A rodent embracing companion endlessly — where they both escaped flood? (6) = ARARAT

A rodent = A RAT, embracing = contains, companion = repeat, endlessly = remove last letter

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